Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A new home for the girls.

 A good friend of mine was looking for something to fill a large blank wall. He offered his services as temporary custodian of my Elements series. Thanks to Rob's brilliant carpentry skills, they were hung to perfection.

They came up a treat. 

They look so much better in a nice Victorian house than in my grotty studio.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My Latest Obssesion.

#1 Cushion
Of all the things I'm good at, Business Studies definitely is NOT one of them.

It is, however, an area that I really need to know something about. So I am doing a course.

To help penetrate the impenetrable jibber-jabber that is businessy stuff, I am creating a new range of homewares, screen printed with my designs.

Product number one, the cushion. This one is a demo model made with fabric from my own stash. The front is a light denim and the back is linen.
Horizontal view.
Back view of #1 Cushion
 So here are some of the stunning fabrics that I have to work with for my first range.
A Delicious Pure Linen
A Gorgeous Linen/Cotton blend.
Cutting time at the Studio
Can't wait to ink this baby up!
I've been spending some quality time at the cutting table.
-a big stack of cushion fronts cut out. (tick)

And at the computer, working on my images.
-designs finished. (tick)

Said images are , as we speak, being applied. (bestill my beating heart). 

Next stop, printsville!

News from the hills.

Had a phone call from my girl today...yay!!! Apparently she has started a knitting craze at work. She found a stash of knitting needles, crochet hooks, yarn etc. and they all sit around knitting and chatting after dinner each night.
She tried to make a sock, but it turned out to be way to big for her. She is using it as a cover for her chainsaw. She promised to send photos, stay tuned.
That's my girl.