Wednesday, August 29, 2012

SASH Life Drawing

Last night I had a fabulous time, filling in for the lovely Steph Hall of SASH Art.

In a fun and friendly environment, Steph runs a lively session at Rival Revolution Studios in Prahan. A fresh approach to an age old discipline. Lots of activities that have you drawing like a pro in no time.

I had a wee practice of the format on Saturday, with my lovely Newport group. A great time was had by all, and as you can see here by week's drawings, that some fantastic results were achieved.

If you would like to give SASH life drawing a go, (or just learn more about it) click here.

There will be four of us facilitating the classes now, so come along and meet the crew. 

Friday, August 24, 2012

Curlypops Choose Your Own Bag sew-along challenge

Recently I joined the Curlypops Choose Your Own Bag sew-along adventure.

That is, signed up and then forgot all about it.

Because I've been so so busy.

And what have I been busy doing?

Making Bags!

Honestly, sometimes even I wonder what is going on in my head.

There have been all manner of fancy-pants bags produced lately from River Studios, all sporting my designs.

But the project that I am having the most fun with at the moment is delightfully simple. I'm making shopping bags. Using this fantastic pattern from You Sew Girl.
It is for absolute beginners, and is a sewing class in a bag. Quick, easy and satisfying. You learn the basics of sewing as you go, and you finish with a useful carry bag - made by you. 

When I started screen printing, there was a bit of trial and error going on. Consequentially there grew a pile of experimental images.What a fabulous way to adorn my new shopping bags.

So I got to work, cutting them out.

Did I mention that my middle name is 'excessive'? Well I cut out twenty-five of them.

 And got to work.

Stocked up on Quilt Basting Spray, my new best friend

And Viola! I'm quite pleased with the first one. Now for the other twenty-four.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sprucing up the screen

Ah the perils of screen printing. The poor old screen was clogging up and making very patchy prints. So sprucing it up a bit was in order.

One thing that I have learned with screen printing, is that thin lines are prone to clogging.
So the first job was to give the acetate a going over with a black marker. Now that is a satisfying job. 
Cleaned the screen with a cocktail of lotions and potions.
And then coated it in emulsion fluid. Had me singing that old Bee Gees song, "It´s just emulsion that's taking me over,
Caught up in sorrow, lost in the song"

Exposed it to the light.

Gave the screen a jolly good wash down.
And Voila! Screen is printing like a dream now!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Open Mic at the Dancing Dog


What a lovely afternoon. I found myself down at the Dancing Dog in Footscray. 

Folk Victoria are held their first open mic session. It was loads of fun. Definitely will make that a regular thing.

Here are some videos that I took of our own Bruce Williams and Don Gula.The first song is 'I like to sleep late in the morning' and the second tune is 'Whiskey before Breakfast.' Sorry about the camera shake, but it was really hard not to dance or burst into song.

Our lovely Ted Smith graced the stage with his fancy finger picking.