Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Edible Art.

Ahh harvest time. A gardener's greatest reward. These hot little numbers look fabulous on my lime green kitchen wall. They will keep for up to a year like this. All it took was a needle and cotton to thread them together.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Newport Lakes Bush Dance.

Last Sunday's bush dance at Newport Lakes was a fabulous affair. A fun time was had by all.

Highlights for me were the wonderful acts performed by some of our talented locals.

Working as a team to put on a great show. Having a laugh on stage. Putting our musical skills to use. Watching people enjoy themselves, dancing and having fun.

Storytellers Jackie Kerin and Dave Davies.

Some extremely talented younsters. And quite possibly the tallest and the smallest fiddlers in the world,
on stage together!
We already knew that the big feller can play. He is, of course the inimitable Greg O'Leary. His little mate also did a stirling job. Michael Stewart accompanied them on keyboard, and the whole show held us all spellbound

After the show, our lovely Swedish girl, Annette plied us all with shots of schnapps. As is her custom.

We all went home exhausted, but happy. Another splendid event brought to you by the Newport Folk Club.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Artichokes- Three for a Dollar.

When I mentioned to a friend that I had put two Jerusalem Artichokes tubers into the garden, she hastily told me to take them out. Put them in a pot, and a big one! They will take over.
Oh that's fine, plenty of room in my small, suburban back yard.

Well, look how big they grew! All from two small tubers.

The tall boy wouldn't pose for a photo. Apparently he's sick of being used as blog fodder. And sick of being used for height reference. So his lovely friend Hannah hopped in, as well as my own beautiful daughter.

Anyway, the girls are both quite tall, and much prettier than the young feller. Much better models all round. I really should have had less sons and more daughters.

Only joking, of course. I love my boys to bits. They are both quite sweet in their own way.

Its Pumkin Time!

Pumpkin vines have been growing every where at my place. Up the trees, over the shed......... There are even whole pumkins hanging from branches.
So we have been living on a staple diet of pumkin soup and home made bread.
Some things you just never get tired of.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bush Dance at Newport Lakes.

This Sunday, 20 March, the Newport Fiddle and Folk Club are holding their annual bush dance at Newport Lakes. It will run from 4-7pm.
It is always a fabulous event, in a glorious setting. If you haven't already been to Newport Lakes, you must go. The site of an old quarry that has been re-vegetated, it makes a perfect natural ampitheatre. You would swear you out in the bush, when in fact you are in downtown Newport.
As you can see, we have been practising our fingers to the bone. We're all very excited about it, so come along and join us. Bring a picnic, a blanket or fold up chair and your dancing shoes. Enjoy the ambience, listen to the music of Newport Bush Orchestra and some other fabulous local entertainers.
There will be face painting for the kids. Loads of fun for the whole family. Hope to see you there.

Open Stage, March 2011

Newport Folk Club's monthly Open Stage night went swimmingly. We met some new performers, and enjoyed their music. It was a great mix of regulars, newcomers and a few people trying out new stuff.

Simon kicked off the evening with a selection of his own songs.
Next came Sile (that's pronounced Shiela, there is a squiggly thing in her name, but I don't know how to make the computer do it). This lovely girl, originally from Ireland, now from Fairfield, sang us some of her own songs and one by her Mum.
Alan got the place rocking with Summertime Blues, Love Potion Number 9 and then ditched his guitar for a uke for his next number.
Gordon and Bill played us some beautiful instrumentals.
Zerafina gobsmacked us all with her amazing voice and original songs.
Dave treated us to some Hamlet.
Next was Kayde, followed by Nam, with their fabulous original songs.

Leonie, Rob and Alan did a few numbers and then Chris and Christine arrived on their home made Indian.
Chris tinkled the ivories for us and then they rode off into the sunset.

Michael ended the evening with a few of his favourites.
All in all, a mighty fine evening.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

You never can tell how your day will turn out.

Just when a fairly mundane day at work was about to end....................
For those of you who don't know, I work at an indigenous nursery. We share the horticulture department with a local high school.
So last Thursday, twenty minutes before knock-off time........
The two horticulture teachers, Doug and Loppie, came in grinning impishly. They wanted to borrow the nursery's trolley. Well, I'm a bit possesive about 'my' trolley, so I wanted to know why.
To pick a giant pumpkin.
Ok, two grown men, dancing about, giggling like schoolgirls, on a mission to pick a giant pumkin.
Sure boys. This I had to see.

I will never doubt again.
Then I asked Doug to grant me three wishes.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Kamishibai Box.

What is a Kamishibai Box? Funny you should ask.
Kamishibai, in Japanese, means Paper Theatre. And these amazing contraptions are a traditional means of story telling.

A small, portable wooden box that opens out to become a theatre. A3 sized cards are placed inside, illustrating a story. The story teller moves the cards from front to back as the story progresses.
My dear friend Jackie Kerin (story teller, writer, musician and nursery buddy) is the proud owner of this one.

Beautiful, isn't it? To see the genuine article just takes your breath away.

It was researched, designed and lovingly constructed by our mutual friend Ted, the master craftsman.

You can read more about this Kamishibai here.

Jackie has already taken it out on its maiden voyage and entertained us all at the Newport Fiddle and Folk Club. She had us all spell-bound with the first story from her own series, Tales of Split-Dog.
Jackie illustrated the cards herself, and did a sterling job. She has comissioned some more story cards to be made by various artists. I have been working on a more traditional tale. Stay tuned!