Monday, November 29, 2010

Because Life is Just Too Rich and Full........

Welcome to my new blog, started because, well......... life is just too rich and full to limit yourself to just one.

Between all the ups and downs of maintaining something resembling a status quo, I have managed to cram in an outrageous lot of hobbies and interests. On the way I have gained skills and met some wonderful people who I am proud to call friends. Although I'm always living on the bones of my backside, life is rich.

This old computer is very slow. Have you ever noticed that everything in your life seems to reach an end at around the same time. The washing machine sounds like a helicopter, and shakes the house when its on spin cycle. The fridge moans in sympathy, as the milk curdles after three days. The vacuum cleaner went out with the last hard rubbish collection. The cat is blind, the dog is deaf, and both require pet food for seniors. They wander aimlessly about the house in a daze bumping into things. And do you think I can get another summer out of these venitian blinds?
You will notice that the mesh flyscreen has been torn to ribbons. That was done by my two cats flinging themselves against it, poor desperate little moggies. Now the house is neither fly-proof or cat-proof.

The car has been towed by the RACV four times in as many months. But anyway, moan as I will, it doesn't really matter when you can do stuff that makes you happy.

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