Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Kamishibai Story Cards.

We're all very excited in this part of the world. I have just completed my part in a shared project. My friend, Jackie Kerin, storyteller, had this beautiful Kamishibai box made by our mutual friend, Ted, master-craftsman. Kamishibai is a Japanese word for Paper Theatre. Traditionally sweet sellers would travel from town to town on bicycles, with these boxes attached. They would throw sweets on to the streets and call out to the children to tell stories. They would usually finish the story on a 'cliff-hanger' so that the children would look forward to their next visit. The box opens out to make a miniature theatre. A series of story cards are placed inside. They are pulled out and placed at the back as the story progresses. And my part in the project? I got to illustrate the wonderful Hans Andersen story of The Princess And The Pea. We've tested them on various kids, and also various big kids. We have been given the thumbs-up by all. Here are some of the cards.

Jackie has also illustrated some cards herself. These are of her own stories, the tall Aussie tales of Split-Dog. I think she has a few other artists cooking up some goodies, too. Stay tuned.........


  1. Is there any way to request more information on the construction of the kamishibi box from Ted(some pictures of the construction process, or the plan/dimensions, or some tips on making one)? Thanks.

  2. Hi there anonymous. Sorry, Ted designed and made the k-box using pictures that he found online. He specifically requested that his design not be copied.
    If you are a reasonable carpenter, I would suggest that you have a go at designing one for yourself. Let me know how you get on.