Saturday, July 16, 2011

From River Studios- Pattern Testing Nicole Mallalieu's New A-Line Skirt.

While I've been neglecting blogland of late, other creative ventures have been happening. I've been on a bit of a painting binge, (a nice place to be,> I'll post some pics soon).
But today I have been pattern testing.
Nicole Mallalieu of Nicole Mallalieu Design is about to release a fabulous new skirt pattern. All going well, it should be ready for the Melbourne Quilters Fair. Stay tuned.
This is the first draft. I really like it. Its a great shape, comfy and flattering. Super easy to make, clear instructions with diagrams.
As with all Nikki's patterns, there are tips and hints to improve your sewing skills. It makes the job easier and you learn to sew like a pro as you go. (say that three times quickly).
There is plenty of room for variation, as well as helpful advice on how to add your own bits. I added the panels at the front, but you can add whatever you like. Let your own imagination run wild, go on I dare you.
Nikki has made up a stack of these fabulous skirts, check them out here.


  1. Very cool! I've pattern tested this skirt over the weekend too but it's getting a bit dark to take photos.

  2. I love the panel detail youve added to the front.