Thursday, October 27, 2011

Spring Sewing.

Now that Spring is in full swing, the garden is where you will usually find me. But I have also managed to squeeze in a few days at River Studios. It has been a great opportunity to spruce up my faded and tattered wardrobe.

Here are a few of my new things.
This beret I made with the leftover bits from a skirt. The pattern is from Nicole Mallalieu's Quick Projects Range. Very versatile and easy to make. I'm going to whip up one for every occasion from now on.

And here is the skirt. The pattern for this one is in Nicole Mallalieu's book, that everyone is talking about. It is the Wrap Skirt. Pattern free, great fun to make. You take your measurements, work out some ratios, snip-snip, sew-sew and Voila!

This one I made a bit longer, and used some of my Gorgeous Go Granny fabric from The Curlypops Shop as a feature panel. I've also made another A-Line Skirt featuring Go Granny, just need to take a photo of it.
Here is a shorter, sportier version, that I made for my daughter. Of course it looks much better on her, but she wont stand still long enough for me to photograph her in it.
And you can see my beautiful poppies in the background.


  1. Looking good! You can't have too many skirts. A wrap skirt from Nikki's book is on my list of things I want to make. The poppies are lovely too.

  2. Wow you've been busy on the sewing machine Leonie! I have to find my missing book asap so I can make a wrap skirt. Love that one!

  3. GO go go.... you SEW girl!!!

    And we must eventually get around to having a conversation or something. Shall chat soon!