Friday, August 24, 2012

Curlypops Choose Your Own Bag sew-along challenge

Recently I joined the Curlypops Choose Your Own Bag sew-along adventure.

That is, signed up and then forgot all about it.

Because I've been so so busy.

And what have I been busy doing?

Making Bags!

Honestly, sometimes even I wonder what is going on in my head.

There have been all manner of fancy-pants bags produced lately from River Studios, all sporting my designs.

But the project that I am having the most fun with at the moment is delightfully simple. I'm making shopping bags. Using this fantastic pattern from You Sew Girl.
It is for absolute beginners, and is a sewing class in a bag. Quick, easy and satisfying. You learn the basics of sewing as you go, and you finish with a useful carry bag - made by you. 

When I started screen printing, there was a bit of trial and error going on. Consequentially there grew a pile of experimental images.What a fabulous way to adorn my new shopping bags.

So I got to work, cutting them out.

Did I mention that my middle name is 'excessive'? Well I cut out twenty-five of them.

 And got to work.

Stocked up on Quilt Basting Spray, my new best friend

And Viola! I'm quite pleased with the first one. Now for the other twenty-four.


  1. You're going to be an expert when you're done!

  2. Gorgeous! I've never tried quilt basting spray... might need to add it to my shopping list.

  3. Great to meet you and the prints *in the flesh* today Leonie.

    1. Ooh Chiara I just found this comment. Hope I replied. It was great to meet you too. x