Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thanks Ted.

1. A man in his shed, a match made in heaven.
2 & 3. My fabulous new frames.

A few months ago Ted, a musical friend mentioned that he had a whole lot of cabinet doors in his shed that could be used as picture frames. Given that I'm always up for an adventure and can never knock back a freebie, the answer was, of course "Yes Please!"

It wasn't until I saw them that it became clear what a prize I was being given.

The wood is stunning. Ted, the master craftsman sanded and tweaked them so that glass and backing can easily slot in. Just add art.


  1. Wow! You know all the right people, don't you? Best whip him up a loaf of bread and throw a few tomatoes his way, huh..? ( I sound like my mother?)

  2. I meant tomatoes from the garden as a gift... not the pelting-with-tomatoes kind of throw....

  3. Done, along with some beans and sweet corn. Mum's legacy lives on.