Thursday, December 2, 2010

My Latest Obsession

Although I used to enjoy cooking, years of catering for a fussy family has killed the joy in it for me. Many food allergies, a vegetarian daughter and two highly carnivorous sons, are just a few of my ongoing problems.
A while ago my sister lent me a book about Artisan Bread Making. And now I'm hooked! I make up a huge bowl of dough (about five minutes work), and keep it in the fridge. You cut off what you need for the day and pop it in a very hot oven for half an hour. The result is amazing. Its looks and tastes like something you would buy from a boutique bakery, without the cost. The dough will keep for up to two weeks in the fridge, but at my place it is lucky to last two days.

Its a hit at any social gathering, and a fabulous after school/work snack. Last nights guests gobbled up their loaf faster than anticipated. No problem, I just cooked another one before their eyes. I felt like a goddess, feeding the multitutes.

Of course that means that I'm using a lot of flour. The organic shop in Yarraville, Plump, has been keeping me supplied with a fantastic biodynamic flour from Queensland. They have been ordering me a 12.5kg bag every few weeks. Sometimes I wonder if I'm not a bit compulsive obsessive.

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