Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

A big Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful women in my life. Thanks for all your support in good times and bad. Thanks for all the laughs, hugs and slaps over the head when I've needed them. (Metaphorical slaps of course).
And a huge thank you to my own gorgeous Mum. Mother of eight, grandmother of thirteen, and now a great-grandmother. On a miniscule budget she fed and clothed us all. This pint sized lady was a tower of strength.
A fabulous cook, years ahead of her time she could cater for any crowd. Skilled in drawing the best from the farm, garden, chooks and the shops. Any windfall gain, like the lovely fish she is holding in the photo, would have been cooked up into something really special.
An op-shopper before it was fashionable, she fitted us all out in the very best. She encouraged us all individually with what we were good at. That often included having a kitchen full of kids making candles, scones or whatever. She refereed our fights and praised our efforts. My kids share these memories. Going to Granny's was always a treat.
Mum is still with us, but now in the advanced stages of dementia. It has been devastating for all of us. I miss her so much every day. But I am so lucky to have had her in my life. In conversations with my siblings, it seems to be a common theme that we hear her voice, say things that she would say etc. I see her face when I look in the mirror.
What an amazing life!


  1. Thanks, for sharing about your mum, Leonie! My mother suffered from Alzheimers for many years. So sad to watch someone you love, slowly slipping away. Happy Mothers Day! Love Karin xox

  2. Thanks Karin, its been a tough one this year. Hope you had a wonderful Mothers Day. xox

  3. Can't talk. Crying. But yeah.