Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Kamishibai Boo-boo.

A while ago I completed a set of story cards for Jackie Kerin, for her Kamishibai box, made by Ted Smith, master craftsman. It was the story of the Princess and the Pea.
The project was finished, cards are out in the world now. I had patted them on the head and called them a success. Jackie has been telling the tale to young and old, from various kindergartens to the Williamstown Literature Festival. I was feeling a bit too clever by half.
That was until this morning. Jackie had a gig at Everlasting Books, Yarraville. She was showing the cards to Dharma, the lovely proprietress...............

Was Dharma the first one to notice? Were people just being polite? Did anyone else notice that the prince has six fingers?

You would think I would have noticed while I was drawing it!

Not sure what to do, do I;
a) re-draw the whole thing?
b) leave it as a 'spot the boo-boo' thing?
c) claim it was a statement about the Royal Family?

Any suggestions?

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