Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sweet Bird Of Youth.

While a nice snappy modern novel is fabulous, revisiting the classics something I love to do. And what could be better than catching up with Tennessee Williams now and again.
Sweet Bird Of Youth is the tragic tale of Chance Wayne, a talented, good looking young man, with his eye on stardom. He finds work as a gigilo to aging starlets, hoping to kick start his own career. His taste for flamboyance and excess soon take their toll.
With his latest employer, the wealthy Princess Kosmonopolis, he secretly returns to St Cloud, his home town in the south. Here we uncover the scandal and heartbreak and that sent Chance on the path to self destruction.
Desperate to win back his youth and his first love, Heavenly Finley, he realises that it is all too late. Just like the aging princess, he is past his prime.
A short, sharp play that skewers so much, in just 111 pages.

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