Thursday, June 9, 2011

Blogging again.

It seems like forever since I last wrote on this blog. Struggling with a very slow and unco-operative computer has made it quite difficult.
The garden has undergone a complete make-over. The front yard is looking very bad-haircut at the moment, but will soon be a spectacular mass of flowers.

In the maddness of it all, I forgot to take photos. Fortunately, I have an old photo of another such venture. The wee girl in the background is now a leggy nineteen year old.

The back yard is now a turnip farm. Yes I planted two packets of seeds, and got about 600 seedlings! I managed to find homes for about 17 of them. Being of a frugal nature I had to plow up the back yard and plant them all. There are also broccoli, cabbage, boc-choy, and some left overs from other plantings, silverbeet, rhubarb, rocket, parsley. Even some of my hardy eggplants are hanging in there.

The pumkins are all gone now, when I pulled the last of them out, there were nineteen of these babies left. We've eaten our way through a lot, and given heaps away. We are down to the last three.
We've also eaten our way through several large buckets of artichokes, carrots, eggplants, tomatoes, capsicum, chilli............
So that's the end of the summer stuff, and its onward and upward to the winter fare.

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  1. You are a real farm girl, aren't you? I never had much of a green thumb, but my mum loved to grow stuff, and so does Karl. Anyway, always enjoy your blogs. Thanks for sharing. xox