Tuesday, September 27, 2011

From River Studios.

While you will find me in the garden, last week and the week before I was nowhere to be seen. That's because I was hiding in studio, indulging in one of my other loves, painting.
And what a lovely project it was. A nice man commissioned me to paint this portrait of his friend, who was giving him one of her horses (the one standing up). With a ten day deadline looming, it was a good excuse to totally throw myself into it.
Dressed in my finest rags, covered from head to toe in paint, I thought of nothing but the project at hand. Any attempts at conversation, by well meaning friends resulted in nothing but incoherent babble. Thanks for your patience guys.
The painting was based on a photo, supplied by the client. However, the swirling patterns of capeweed in the foreground was calling out for extra attention. There is nothing like the real thing.
There is nothing like painting from life.
Voila, the finished product! Now in the hands of its rightful owner.

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