Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Go Granny from the Curlypops Shop.

If you happened to be in the vicinity of the Western Suburbs of Melbourne yesterday, you may well have heard squeals of glee wafting in the air. That was probably me, jumping out of my skin with excitement, because my mail order had arrived.

The latest product, made here in Melbourne by one of our own fabulous designers, Camile Condon of Curlypops. It was also printed here in Melbourne  by an amazing new local company, Fankie and Swiss.

It just gets better and better. It is printed on 100% natural fibre, medium weight cotton-canvas, using water based, non-toxic, solvent free inks. And isn't it GORGEOUS!

Although I'm in the middle of an all consuming portrait commission, and my Spring vegie seedlings are screaming at me to get them out of their punnets and into the garden, I couldn't resist playing dress-ups with my already bulging fabric stash. Something this spesh can't be used all at once, I'm thinking feature panels for skirts, bags etc. Anyway, better get up to the studio and finish this painting.


  1. Oh... it does go with a lot of colours, doesn't it...? You can have fun with feature panels on EVERYTHING!!!

  2. I love that it matches with virtually any colour that you pull out of the stash!
    I'm making Nikki's a-line skirt out of denim and adding some Go Granny pockets.