Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Projects for 2012.

There is nothing like new fabric and a birthday to kick start the year's projects.

And here is project #1.
From Thea & Sami I scored a gorgeous piece of organic cotton/hemp with a hand printed peacock design. If you are not familiar with Thea's work, please follow the link to her website/blog. Her designs are stunning, and always hand printed on simply delicious natural and eco friendly fabrics.

So my dear friend Jackie has a birthday in a couple of weeks. For those of you who don't know our girl, she loves cycling and is an amazing writer, story-teller and entertainer. In fact, she is the writer and narrator of this beautiful story. A true tale, brought to life about a young male lyrebird who befriended a woman early last century. Do watch the clip, it really is lovely. And the fabulous music is also played by two good friends, Michael Stewart on piano and Greg O'Leary on fiddle.

But back to the project. What do you give a bike-riding, lyrebird-loving mate?  Well how about a bag to wear on the bike. The peacocks translate wonderfully as lyrebirds, (I hope that is ok with you Thea).

I used the Wrap pattern from Nicole Mallalieu which is a great carry all and super-comfy to wear. I teamed the feature fabric with some denim and plain red drill from the stash, and had a bit of fun mixing and matching panels.

Of course I couldn't wait three weeks until her actual birthday, so it was given as a belated Chrissy present.
Le Bag!
Back View
Inside Pocket


  1. It looks great! Love the peacock fabric. It is a much bigger bag than I expected.