Monday, May 14, 2012

To Everything There Is A Season.

Never been a fan of winter. I just don't like being cold. My house is freezing, I work in a tin shed and my studio is a big, breezy old warehouse. There is no getting around it, I don't like winter.

Autumn is always pleasant. But it means that Old Man Winter is just around the corner.

But I do enjoy all the stuff that comes with a new season. Clearing out the last of the summer veges, mulching, turning over garden beds and getting ready for the next phase.

Getting orders ready at work. Giving them a final spruce before they are picked up and taken to their new homes. Seeing all the plants that I have grown, nurtured and loved loaded onto the backs of utes by friendly folk in khaki. Knowing that they will soon be out in the world.

Bringing in the last of the pumpkins, a nice glass of red after work, my French Resistance style leather jacket and Italian leather boots, making some new clothes, hearty soups, scarves, curling up with a good book, watching a movie by the heater and under a nice warm blankey........ actually there are a lot of nice things about winter.