Sunday, July 1, 2012

There is Something I've been Dyeing to Show You

Lately I've been very busy with business. One of my favourite tasks has been sourcing wholesale fabrics. (my idea of heaven really).

Having a bit of a passion for lovely linens, it was pure joy to get my hot little hands on a bolt of this gorgeous stuff.

Only problem is, I'm not terribly keen on white, and there are only so many items you can make in it.

For every problem there is a solution. And there are not too many problems that can't be solved with a liberal dose of colour. 

And besides, I'm never happier than when puddling about, mixing up lotions and potions. 

Loving this lot, the colours, and the dye really gives the fabric a much softer surface. I'm thinking for the next batch, burnt orange.


  1. I love the soft colours you have achieved!

  2. love these colours, I would love to be brave enough to play with dyes!