Monday, September 10, 2012

Printing Day

Panels of Puppies
 Printed up a storm today.

I think the girls look nice in red. What do you think?

Quite pleased with my puppies, too.
Marissa in Red

Annie in Red
Sleeping Puppy

Sleeping Puppy again.

Forgot that I was wearing my favourite cardi.


  1. Ow--sad about the cardi, but those prints should make you happy. The sleeping puppy is great. I can just imagine those paws twitching in a puppy dream adventure.

    1. Thanks Chiara :) I drew that image about 30 years ago, when a neighbour came over with his new puppy who fell asleep under my chair. (the puppy, not the neighbour).

  2. OOPS! Poor cardie. Bummer that it's your fave too.
    But a worthy sacrifice for such beautiful prints. I suspect you are a bit of a genius.
    Thrilled that you're joining us for Blogtoberfest 12.
    Kat xx

  3. Prints are looking great, as is the new-look cardi. :)