Sunday, February 6, 2011


A visit to my parents today gave me the opportunity to catch up with my sister. We were able to chat, while her five-year-old ran around and explored the garden. As we were engrossed in conversation, the wee-one flitted in and out, bringing interesting things that she had found.
She was very excited about a cactus needle that she had pulled out of the mother ship, without injury. It could be used for sewing, we were told. Next came some agapantha straps, which could be used as fabric, and some fragrant diosma, it would make great thread.
'Mummy, Can you make a cat out of these? We could give it to Leonie!' As you can see, her Mum rose suitably to the challenge.
Do you like him? I've called him Agapanthus!


  1. Diosma... I couldn't remember what it was called..... Spot the girl who knows about fabric and the one who knows about plants!

  2. Great imagination! Another artist, for sure!

  3. If it had spots it could have been an AgaPanther