Saturday, February 12, 2011

Open Stage, Feb 2011

Our second regular Folk Club gig for the year went swimmingly. Loads of local talent graced the stage of the Community Hall, along with a new voice.
In the brave first position we had the pictured young man. He opened the night with gusto and two original songs. Next was our very own Bill. Warm and engaging, with a fabulous voice.

Next was our very own Bill. Warm and engaging, with a fabulous voice.
Alan wheeled out his usual style and panache, with some excellent tunes. (Including a Dylan number, always an perfect choice).

Ted held us all captive with his mighty fine finger-pickin' and humour. My feet start dancing of their own accord when Ted takes the stage.
Raymond knocked us all sideways with his acapella performance. He followed with an original and then a traditional Scottish song.

Phil also treated us to three of his original songs. Great voice!

It just wouldn't be a folk club night if we didn't hear at least one of Dave's bush ballads. When Dave takes the stage you can just step back in time and smell the gum trees.
We stopped for a short break, dining on home made bread, hommus, cheese and home grown tomatoes.We exchanged chook raising stories and gardening tips. I think some people were talking about music too. With full bellies we waddled back into the hall.
Newcomer Shane jumped in boots and all. He had us all at hello. The whole room was singing along, breaking out into harmonies and stamping our feet.
Simon sang us three of his original songs. Nice guitar work.
After that Bruce was hijacked and dragged up onto the stage to support yours truly. Didn't get any photos as I was sweating over a hot guitar. Bruce's amazing guitar/mandolin/banjo work didn't go un-noticed. While he was up there strutting his stuff Rob jumped on board. Rob's oh-so-low bass voice had us all a-quiver. He hit some notes that were so low that we couldn't even hear them. However some dogs were getting amorous outside as a result.
And as if that wasn't enough, Greg J finished off the evenings with tales of his recent trip to South America, through to the Galapagus Islands. (is that how you spell it?)He did some show and tell, and played for us the pictured instrument. Sorry Greg, can you help me here? Can't remember its name. But it was most impressive.My favourite of his exhibits was a goat's tonails shaker. And I checked, it really is made of goats tonails! It makes the most beautiful chime. Unfortunately my camera battery died, so I didn't get a photo, but it was gorgeous!
We all left the hall on a high note. A great start to 2011.

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