Saturday, December 11, 2010


When a local creperie and music venue in Williamstown closed down recently, it was a sad day indeed. A beautiful old building, including the old Seaman's Mission Chapel as a function room. The Newport Folk Club hosts a monthly gig there, with a range of fabulous acts.
Well, never fear, all is not lost. The new owners are keen to keep it running. They even let us in for last month's gig a day before they were officially opened.
So the venue is now a Croatian resaurant called Ragusa. It has a whole new look, but they have maintained the charm of the old chapel. The staff are lovely, and the food is amazing, and well priced. They are at 139 Nelson Place, Williamstown. I would highly recommend that you pay them a visit.
Our final gig for the year, last Thursday, was an open mic night. Always fun, and you never know what to expect. I even got up onstage myself. You can see me in the first photo backing up the Sultan of String himself, Bruce Williams. Well I was just bashing out the chords, but it was fun. (But I did make the shirt he was wearing, we're all good at something, aren't we?)

It was a fabulous evening. Other acts included, in order of photos;
Ted Smith and his fancy fingerpicking. He treated us to the Phone Song and I 'Aint Got the Blues.
Rob Richmond, Bruce Williams and myself with I Guess it Doesn't Matter Any More, Just Because and Cluck Ol' Hen.
Dave Isom with a some bush ballads and a sea ballad.
Greg Hammond with some original and inspiring songs.
Mira on the piano accordian played us, The Shadow of Your Smile.
Simon Kerr also played us some of his original songs.
Chrisitine McDonald sang Cry Me a River, in her amazing tenor voice, backed by Mira on accordian.
Simon Leverton had us all spellbound with Nine Pound Hammer, Farewell to the Gold and Canadeeio.
Bill Field sang us Mark Knopfler's Why Worry, and Luka Bloom's City of Chicago. He was warm and entertaining, and drew us in like flies to honey. I later found out that it was his first solo, on stage performance. Great job, Bill!
Also Bruce Williams gobsmacked us all with Police Dog Blues and some instrumentals on guitar.
We'll be back in 2011 from February, with some more fantastic music, stay tuned.

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