Tuesday, December 14, 2010

R.I.P. Carlo

Its been a bit of a sad time for us. Last night our old cat passed away.
He moved himself in with us twelve years ago. We're not sure if he was and adolescent or just really malnourished, but he soon bulked up into a big, handsome boy.
He aged gracefully into a tough, grumpy old thing. It was just a few weeks ago we noticed that something was wrong. An infection on his toungue was causing him problems and he couldn't eat or groom himself properly. He was wasting away and putting goo all over himself.
It turns out that he had a tumour on his tongue. It was pretty nasty, and so we decided to be strong and let him go.
I like to think that he is up on a big, comfy couch in the sky somewhere now. Anyway, we will definitely miss him.

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