Friday, January 14, 2011

Is That a Moth or a Mouse?

After all the bitey insects that have been invading our house lately, this one is almost warm and fuzzy.

This handsome feller turned up in my daughter's bedroom. At first she though that there was a helicopter flying around in her room.

She caught him with a glass and a Christmas card. He sat still just long enough for me to get these two shots. Then his wings started to vibrate.

We put the glass back over him and took him outside. You'll be pleased to know that he flew off happily into the night. In fact I'm almost sure he turned back and waved.

Do we have any insectologists out there in blogland who can ID our little friend. Have we discovered a rare sub-species? a flying mammal? A winged numbat? or is he just a common house moth?
In any case it is lovely to know that even though the kids are big, synical teenagers now, they still take delight in something so small.
Oh and I managed to fix it so that anyone can leave a message now, not just fellow bloggers. So if you know anything about the microverse, please leave a message or email me. I'm dying to know what he is.

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  1. My giddiness..... no idea what it is, but glad the cynical teenagers were intrigued.