Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My Other Favourite.

My other favourite present was a card from my dear friend Rob. It contained a certificate for a new flyscreen.
So he and the young feller went off to Bunnings on a mesh, nails and wood buying mission.
After a lot of bashing hammering and balancing on chairs while doing said bashing etc....

A New Flyscreen!
And look at the neat corners! Apparently our next job is to fill the nail holes and splash on another coat of paint.
If you look at the very first picture on this blog, you will see the state of the old flyscreen on my kitchen window. What a luxury it is not to be eaten alive by mosquitoes every night.
Thanks Rob, you're a gem.


  1. Send Rob around here.... I have a few jobs for him.... :)

  2. not sure how he'd feel about me lending him out.