Sunday, January 16, 2011

Qld Flood Appeal Auctions.

In support of the Qld Flood Appeal Auctions, I am running two Auctions. They are the last two remaining in a series of paintings of burlesque dancers, called Lead Light Dancers. The others in the series are now in the hands of private collectors. (Ironically, these are my two favourite from the series. Maybe I was less keen to sell them).

The first is called Marissa. It is an oil on canvas, 45x48cm, stretched on a wooden frame.

The bidding starts at the absolute, rock bottom price of $50. Do I hear 50?

So how does it work?

option a) You can bid here on my blog. Just click on the comments button below. Anyone can leave a message, but if you are not a blogger, it will come through as annonymous, so be sure to leave me some contact details.

option b) Email me at

The winner donates the amount they would pay to the Premier's Disaster Relief Appeal. You then email me the recipt number of your donation, and I will post you the painting. I will personally cover the cost of postage.

Please support this worthy appeal. I would also urge you to click on the pink umbrella that you see on the side. There is the master list of all the fabulous items up for auction.

And be quick, the auctions all end on Monday 24 January.

Good Luck!

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