Sunday, January 23, 2011

Where Would I Be Without My Mates?

Day one of moving into the studio went without a hitch. My dear friends Glen and Stephanie turned up with a trailer.
The three of us worked like a well oiled machine, loading up their trailer, their car and my teeny weeney, but surprisingly roomy Hyundai.
Bruce and Rob met us at the studio, and we all tramped up and down the many stairs....................
It turns out there was a slight hitch. When we picked up the keys and found out that the elevator wont be in until April. And we are on the second floor of a very large old warehouse. But we were so excited about our new studio that we didn't want to dampen our spirits. So we went to Plan B. Leave the two industrial sewing machines. We'll move them in April, along with a few other heavy bits of furniture.

Pic. 1. the studio at the end of day one.
Pic. 2. the boys going up the stairs. As you can see they did a sterling job, they really did move mountains. Girl-power was also in full force. Steph and I were hot on their heels. Between us all, we did a pretty impressive days work.
Pic. 3. and 4. were not taken today but two weeks ago. I had to mention my brother Des, who came along on his day-off to help me to collect some key pieces of furniture from our sister Nikki, who was also moving studios. That was also a huge job, that involved four flights of stairs.
Amongst my best mates, I am proud to say that many of them are family members. Particularly the two just mentioned.
A huge thank you to all you guys. I am blessed to have so many wonderful friends.


  1. Wow, you guys aren't wasting any time. It's looking homey already. Was there a lot of cursing when you found out the elevator wasn't operating until April. Wow, so many stairs, which would be good if you were trying to shed some kilos, but not for moving heavy furniture. Anyway, thanks for sharing. I'm very excited for you. I'll be watching. :)

  2. Hooray! A huge effort but well worth it.... and no need to go to gym now.

  3. No worries Leonie and thanks Lorretta (another sister) for the lend of the Ute.