Thursday, October 4, 2012

A fast drawing is a good drawing.

Blind contour drawings by Anna
We had a brilliant time at life drawing tonight. Our lovely model Lauren was fabulous as ever. It was a big group, and everyone jumped in boots and all.
Blind contour drawing by Anne

As is the case in most life drawing groups, experience levels vary. But no matter where you are on the chart, you can always benefit from a right brain workout.
So we started out with a series of 30 second poses. No time to think or worry about details. Just capture the essence of the pose.
30 seconds by Anthea
30 seconds by Izabela

Then we concentrated on the negative space around the figure, some blind contour drawings, (ie looking only at the model, and not the page, and drawing with a continuous line). Not only do these exercises warm you up, wake up your right brain, teach you to draw what you see etc, but some of the results are fantastic.

I just love the energy and fun captured in these drawings.

After the warm ups, we drew some five, ten and twenty minute poses. Some beautiful drawings were produced. These will be posted in the next couple of days on my other blog, so do drop in here and check them out.
30 seconds by Izabela

1 minute by Izabela

1 minute by Izabela

1 minute by Izabela
Blind contour by Karin
30 second wonders by Anna.
30 seconds by Karin

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  1. Love 'em. The spontenaiety (is that how you spell that?) and fluidity of quick poses always grab me.