Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Playing under the hose in the back yard on a hot day.

The four youngest of the Kervin clan.
In this day and age of water restrictions, I don't suppose kids get to play under the hose so much any more. While I am not in favour of wasting water, it is a bit sad that many kids miss out on this joy.

Here is a photo of us in our back yard at Kialla West. We moved out of that place in 1974, when I was ten, but this picture is probably a bit older. Memories of this time are hazy, but this photo reminds me of some of the special little things of my formative years. That old tractor tyre behind us was a sand pit. And the melaleuca tree behind us supplied me with endless little branches for weaving.

Funny, because I still love playing in the dirt and making things out of stuff.


  1. I do love that photo for all that it captures about that time.

  2. I feel the same about the water play Leonie. I have very fond memories of jump,ing back and forth through the orange Nyles sprinkler that swayed from side to side and would love my kids to do that too.