Thursday, October 18, 2012

Halosarcia pergranulata

The new seedling

From the Nursery.

If you haven't heard of Halosarcia pergranulata, you may know it by its common name.
Black-seeded Glasswort
It is a small, succulent woody shrub. It grows dense and erect. It can reach up to 1 metre tall, but is usually much smaller. One of our many local indigenous gems.

It is an amazing plant. It actually likes dry salty ground. Both coastal and inland. 

As you can see from the photos, branchlets grow in a beaded formation. As it matures, it grows little reddish glass-like beads on the ends, with succulent spikes.

These plants are edible. I have eaten Sarconia, pictured below. It was pickled in a jar. Very salty, delicious in salads. 

Here's one I've prepared earlier.

Detail of the Plant

Not exactly its natural habitat, but the best that I could do.
Sarconia, a close relative, grows prostrate but is very similar.

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