Monday, October 15, 2012

My favourite machines.

Behold! My baby.
In response to this blog post by A life of charming moments by Miss Prudence knits, I thought I would show off my sewing machines.

As I do a lot of sewing, I need reliable machines. In 1989, at the starry eyed age of 25 I had saved up $800 to buy me a new one.

There used to be a sewing machine shop on Chapel St. in Windsor, run by two Jewish gentlemen. Sadly it is gone now, it was a brilliant shop. Naturally I went there.

To this day I am grateful to the man who served me. He talked me out of a new machine, and recommended a second hand Bernina.  Oh my we have sewn some seams together over the years, this machine and I.
Leonie age 25, for your amusement.
 And for the big jobs, I have these beauties. Old industrial Singers from sometime around the '50s. Straight sewer and overlocker. They weigh about a tonne each and are deadly weapons. They will break your toe if you trip on them, or sew right through your finger if you are not concentrating. On the up side, they both go like rockets.


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  1. A sturdy, reliable collection, if ever there was one!