Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Day 6: What did you learn?

Compare the “you” from the beginning of 2012 to the “you” that you are now. What new skills or talents have you learned or discovered this year?

The biggest, newest, way-out-of-my-comfort-zone skill that I have learned this year has been completing my business plan.

Some blood, sweat and tears went in to that, I can tell you. I have been doing the NEIS course. A fabulous government scheme to help kick start new businesses. I'm very grateful for the coaching and ongoing support that has been on hand. 

As a result of that, I have been pushing my art into new directions. Firstly I have learned screen printing. Thanks to the lovely Dave Marsh of Mr. Bucket, who has let me use of his studio, as well as showing me how to print.

I've always loved textiles, and usually have some sewing project on the go. But this year has been a journey of combining art with fabric and seeing what commercial value I can make of it.

This year has been a magical mystery tour of markets. 
Learning to produce bulk amounts of a product. 

Sourcing wholesale fabrics, and other products.


Dying whole bolts of fabric.

Finding interesting and unusual ways to dye fabric.

And coming up with some new stuff. 

I've learned lots. 

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  1. I didn't realise that you were doing the NEIS course. No wonder you've been so flat out!