Friday, December 14, 2012

Day 7 - What will you take with you?

One of my first projects this year was to gut and make-over that filthy old sun-room that I'm ashamed to say was mine. With the help of my good friend Rob, Mr.Fix-it, we gave it a new life. You can read about it here

We pulled up the horrid rotting lino, and sanded the old floorboards. Imagine my surprise, to find such gorgeous wood underneath. I had to stop myself from rolling around on them.

They came up a treat with a good oiling.

And a once beautiful old Edwardian wardrobe that I had been ridiculously attached to had to go. It was falling apart, and in the way. 

But those front panels were just to spesh to throw out. And with a spit and a polish, they made wonderful wall panels.

The entire project took a lot of culling and paring back of stuff that had been sitting there for years. Stuff was thrown out, taken to the op-shop, recycled and relocated. Decisions and realisations were made, and a few old toys were found. 

All in all it was quite an emotional process. But a rewarding one. A room that was unusable and unpleasant has become a really nice little spot. It made me realise the importance of letting go, passing things on and taking stock of what I do and don't need. 

Strangely enough, this year has been one of shedding old skin. There has been a lot of re-assessing, working out what to keep and what to leave behind.  There have been tears and joy. And like the sun-room, it has made way for new stuff. 

This is what I want to take into 2013. The wisdom to know what to keep, and what to leave behind.

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